HB-623 (2020): Gender-neutral terms; prohibitions on same-sex marriage and civil unions removed from Code.

Where is the bill posted?

What's the bill about?

This bill goes through the Virginia Code and makes the following modifications:

  • "Politically correct" gender-neutral terms are being used, replacing terms such as "man", "woman", "brother", "sister"
  • Marriage is currently defined as "a man and a woman" or "husband and wife". This would replace the definition with general terms such as "spouses", "persons married to each other", or "married individuals"

Why is this concerning?

This bill:

  1. Weakens the definition of marriage in Virginia
  2. The first step towards legalizing same-sex marriages in Virginia

What should I do about it?

Contact your state senator!

Suggested Script: My name is ___ and I am the senator's constituent. I urge the senator to oppose HB 623 as it weakens the definition of marriage in Virginia. I believe that traditionally defined marriage of one man and one woman is the healthiest environment to raise children and results in the strongest bonds that are the foundation of our society.