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Java Fixed Work Pool

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At work I needed to create a fixed Java work pool. By “fixed”, I mean a pool that has no queue: it has a maximum number of workers, and it should not store work if it has no capacity to immediately process. Introducing the Players To accomplish this, I used the following classes: ThreadPoolExecutor – Executes work jobs LinkedBlockingQueue – Passes jobs to the thread pool ExecutorCompletionService – Gets results back from thread pool executions, and provides synchronization Instantiation I created the main thread pool using the following code:


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When I am writing blog posts, I need a simple way to quickly send selected photos from my phone to my laptop. AndFTP is a simple utility that fits the bill. While it can do many advanced things such folder synchronization, my favorite feature is its “share” capabilities. After AndFTP is proper configured, I simply find the photo I want on my phone, share it with AndFTP and it automagically appears on my laptop.

Resetting Branches in Git

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Git is pretty good at branching and keeping everything neat and tidy. However, occasionally our branches get really messed up, and I have to clean things up. Here are a couple commands that I’ve found useful for this task. Deleting Untracked Files git clean -f -d Abort a merge git reset --merge Revert changes git reset --hard <COMMIT> Note that you can always use the commit hash, but if you want to go back “N” commits, you can use the commit ID of “HEAD~N”.

Enabling a Webcam in Virtualbox (Windows Client / Linux Host)

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This is a quick post to document something rather simple, but something that took me a while to figure out. Hopefully it will save someone some time :) Firstly, all of this was gleaned from the VirtualBox documentation, specificailly the chapter on VBoxManage . To list the webcams that are installed on the system and available to VirtualBox, use the command: VBoxManage list webcams. Here is some sample output from my laptop:

Three Tips For Better Bash Scripts

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Bash is everywhere. It is on Linux (obviously), on OSX, and is even on Windows with the new Linux Subsystem. However, writing scripts can be a bit tricky. However, here are three tips that I’ve found useful when writing Bash scripts. Tip 1: Use Flags There are three flags that will make bash scripting easier and save you a lot of frustrations: Abort on Errors (-e) When Bash executes a command that fails, by default, it will simply move onto executing the next command.

Content Management Systems for Static Sites

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Static Site Generators I’m a huge fan and proponent of static site generators. They give me the flexibility to easily work offline (the Internet can be spotty out where I live), have everything backed up in Git, and the ability to deploy anywhere. My brother and his wife are thinking of creating a blog. As much as I love the way I blog (terminal + Neovim + Git), it doesn’t lend itself to people who don’t understand git and markdown.