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Happy Mother's Day!

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Today was Mother’s day. The other day I came home from Costco with 10lbs of ribs. I handed them to my wife and told her “I’d thought you would like these better than roses”. She laughed and cradled them for a bit in her arms like they were a box of long stems. I started prepping the ribs at 9am and smoked them low and slow all day. Finally, around 5pm we sat down to dinner.

Mowing Lawn, Installing Sconces

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Today I mowed the lawn. We have nine acres, but fortunately only about two or three of the acres need mowing. I have a wagon that hooks to the riding mower where I can pull the kids behind while I mow. I had two kids in the cart and one on my lap. Multitasking for the win! Afterwards, I installed new sconces on our front porch. They were always a little wonky, but one quit working and the other fell off during an especially violent storm we had several weeks ago.

Bloody Nose, Bruises, and Sparring

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Evey week, I try to get together with someone at work to spar. I’ve taken Muay Thai and Kali/self defense classes, but I had to stop when my schedule got too busy. In an effort to keep some of my skills, and to practice self defense situations, I spar whenever I get the chance. It helps expose weak spots and train in a semi-realistic (but still friendly) environment. One of my weak spots is my defense.

Lessons Learned from a Failure

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At work, am known as someone who gets things done. Even when problems seem insurmountable, I eagerly tackle them and come up with novel out-of-the-box solutions. However, recently, I was in charge of delivering a portion of the product, and it did not go well. I had to get things done by mid-April. However, it wasn’t until early May that the work was complete. Unfortunately, for a significant portion of this time, I was blocked by an external contractor.

Welcome to the Sick Ward

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Everyone is sick :( My kids very rarely get sick, but my daughter has pink eye, my son as an ear infection, and my other son is teething. And their parents are very, very tired.

Happy 80th Birthday

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Today we celebrated my grandparent’s 80th birthday! The banner reads: "Grandpa, Grandma, Happy Birthday" It was really good to see them again (they flew back from Taiwan), and it was cool to see old photos of them, and hear stories of their past. The little girl standing between her parents is my mother My mom also prepared a slide show to honor them, and the kids and I sang “Jesus Loves Me” in Chinese.

Eighth Anniversary Celebration

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Today my wife and I took a quick trip down to Charlottesville, VA to celebrate our anniversary. We visited Sunrise Farm and got 200 lbs of chicken feed for our rapidly growing chicks. We also stopped by Ace Biscuits & Barbecue for lunch. I got their Cuban sandwich and my wife got the ribs. The food was excellent! Plus, we got a couple hours in the car to talk without interruptions (it’s the small things in life, lol)

Year Eight: Complete

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Tomorrow my wife and I will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary. This past year was tough. We had our third child, and this was the toughest pregnancy and delivery so far. Plus, the transition from two to three was really tough on my wife. On top of that, we bought a new house and then had my in-laws move in with us. There were some strenuous times, but in the end, my wife is still my best friend :).

The Dichotomy of my Life

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The other day I was in my truck , driving to the farm store to get supplies for the chicks , listening to some dubstep music . I was suddenly struck by the dichotomy of my life. I currently the technical lead at Oracle, yet I live on a farm where I split my own wood and raise my own chickens. I am a dedicated, soft-spoken Christian , but I think going to MMA class where I come home with bruises and a bloody nose is fun.