Chicken Coop Defunkification, Part 4

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Today I worked (you guessed it) out in the chicken coop. Now that the walls are clean, I wanted to stain and waterproof the inside. Hopefully this will help protect the wood from everything the chicks throw at it, and will deter any future wasps from taking up residence inside the coop. I was only able to complete about half the job before I ran out of stain, but here’s what I was able to get done:

Chicken Coop Defunkification, Part 3

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Today my wife and I scrubbed the chicken coop. Yesterday I scrapped away the broken drywall and wasp nests with a crowbar. Today, we took buckets of water and scrubbed away all the dirt, grime, and nest remnants. A little elbow grease works wonders While I wouldn’t want to eat off of the surfaces, it’s starting to look good :)

Chicken Coop Defunkification, Part 2

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To celebrate our anniversary, I’m taking the week off as a farm-cation (a mini vacation where you work on the farm). For the rest of the week, and next week if I have any time after work, I’m working on fixing up the chicken coop so that we can move the chicks out there. The coop has fallen in disrepair and needs some TLC before we can put our chicks in there.

Chicken Coop Defunkification, Part 1

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The chickens are getting bigger and are rapidly outgrowing their current home (a large dog crate). Plus, they are really messy. Everything nearby is covered in a thin layer of dust, and poo is everywhere. I have changed countless dipers, but that is nothing compared to this I’m tired of scraping poo off their heater and the gentle aromas of poo wafting through the kitchen. It’s time that they get moved outside where we both have a bit more room to breathe.

Eighth Anniversary Celebration

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Today my wife and I took a quick trip down to Charlottesville, VA to celebrate our anniversary. We visited Sunrise Farm and got 200 lbs of chicken feed for our rapidly growing chicks. We also stopped by Ace Biscuits & Barbecue for lunch. I got their Cuban sandwich and my wife got the ribs. The food was excellent! Plus, we got a couple hours in the car to talk without interruptions (it’s the small things in life, lol)

Year Eight: Complete

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Tomorrow my wife and I will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary. This past year was tough. We had our third child, and this was the toughest pregnancy and delivery so far. Plus, the transition from two to three was really tough on my wife. On top of that, we bought a new house and then had my in-laws move in with us. There were some strenuous times, but in the end, my wife is still my best friend :).

My Favorite Bible Reading Plan

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I’ve tried a number of Bible reading plans out there, but so far, my favorite has been the plan from the Daily Bible Reading Podcast . The linked PDF has a table containing the full plan, but you can also listen to the episodes. Phil (the creator of the plan and the one who records the readings) has an episode that goes along with each day. He was with Wycliffe doing translation work in Indonesia, and reads all the names as they were originally pronounced.

Interior Improvements: Thanks Parkers!

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We are blessed to have such good friends and family. A couple weeks ago, my parents came to help us with our home’s exterior. This week Mr. and Mrs. Parker drove down from New York to help out with some interior projects around the home. Painting in progress ... They painted our son’s room and installed some new baseboards. Thank you so much! What a pretty color of blue!

Zip-Tie Chicken Tractor

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The chicks keep getting bigger and the dog crate they are in is getting a little tight. We eventually need to figure out a new temporary home for them, before they are big enough to live in the chicken coop. However, in the mean time, I built a chicken tractor so that they can have some outside time. It is a much larger area for them to run around in and they are able to free range for part of the day.

Roadkill (TV Show)

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I really enjoy watching Roadkill , a show about two guys who hack cars up, and the misadventures they have going on road trips with half-broken cars. If you enjoy humorous shows about misadventures, check them out! :) Winter Wagon Adventure: 1,000 Miles with a Few Missing Windows in a 1969 Buick - Roadkill Ep. 37