Chicken Obedience Training

2 minute read Published:

Since the bad day I had with the chickens, I have been working on training them to come when I call. I take some chicken scratch with me and call “Gee Gee Gee” (this is how you say “Chicken” in Chinese), giving a treat to those who came over. After consistantly training this way, the majority will come to me when I call. Now, in the mornings, I go into the coop and call the chickens. Whoever comes to me gets to go and free range. Those who don’t want to listen, or who are still fearful of me, get to stay inside the coop. I make sure they have plenty of feed and water, but they don’t get to go outside. Slowly, but surely, every day fewer chickens get left inside the coop.

Now, bringing the Chickens back in is a joy. It used to be an hour long grueling process where I would case down every chicken, place them into a tub, and cary they back home. Now, I simly call at the end of the day, and most of them will just follow me as I walk back to the coop. The stragglers will eventually come to me, and I simply scoop them up and perch them on my arm. Then I cary the armful of chickens back to their coop. This entire process takes only about 15 minutes and doesn’t stress anybody involved.