Bad Day for Chickens

2 minute read Published:

The chicks are getting larger, so I’ve been letting them totally free-range (outside of the chicken tractor). It’s been working well and they really enjoy the freedom to go wherever they want. A hawk tried to grab one today, but they all hid and we were able to scare the hawk away.

I’m glad the chickens flee from a hawk, but rounding them up is really tough. At first it was a fun challenge, but they are getting so fast it is really frustrating. It took me almost an hour to find and catch them all, and on top of that, somehow I ended up injuring one of the chicken’s leg when I grabbed it.

I feel really horrible. The leg is broken right at the elbow, so I’m unable to splint it. I tried wrapping a sticky bandage around it, but all the feathers and fluff kept getting in the away, even after trimming them back. The best solution I came up with was to cut open a very wide rubber band and tie it around the elbow to support it while it heals. The only problem is that the chicken keeps untying it. The chicken gets around hopping on one leg, and I make sure it doesn’t have to move far for food and water. I’m hoping that it is able to fully recover; I feel awful.

Starting tomorrow, I’ve decided I’m not chasing any chickens. It stresses us both out, and I don’t want to injure any further birds. I’ll wait as long as necessary to have them come to me, instead of chasing them down.