Embrace Discomfort

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I’ve been taking cold showers for a while and even, on occasion, taken ice baths. I first learned about this when I was reading about Wim Hof and his work. I’ve heard that after doing this for a while, the cold doesn’t bother you anymore. I’ve been doing it for well over a year, but I still dislike it every time I step into the cold water. However, I keep doing it, because it builds the mental strength I need. Even though it is a relatively small action, it is a daily reminder that discomfort and sucky situations are nothing to be afraid of.

Naturally, I tend to be very pain adverse. By willing choosing to submit myself to something uncomfortable, it gives me the mental fortitude to choose the painful way when it is the best way, and to stay focused and calm in stressful situations. Besides, I like the feeling that when I step out of the shower, I’ve accomplished something greater than merely getting clean.