Enabling a Webcam in Virtualbox (Windows Client / Linux Host)

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This is a quick post to document something rather simple, but something that took me a while to figure out. Hopefully it will save someone some time :)

Firstly, all of this was gleaned from the VirtualBox documentation, specificailly the chapter on VBoxManage .

To list the webcams that are installed on the system and available to VirtualBox, use the command: VBoxManage list webcams. Here is some sample output from my laptop:

$> VBoxManage list webcams
Video Input Devices: 1
.1 "Integrated Camera: Integrated C"

Take the path to the webcam, along with the name of the VirtualBox image, and use the command VBoxManage controlvm <Image_Name> webcam attach <Webcam_Path>. For me the command is:

$> VBoxManage controlvm Windows7 webcam attach /dev/video0

Finally, you can verify that the webcam attachment was sucessful by using the command VBoxManage controlvm <Image_Name> webcam list, like this:

$> VBoxManage controlvm Windows7 webcam list

I hope that helps!