My Favorite Bible Reading Plan

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I’ve tried a number of Bible reading plans out there, but so far, my favorite has been the plan from the Daily Bible Reading Podcast . The linked PDF has a table containing the full plan, but you can also listen to the episodes. Phil (the creator of the plan and the one who records the readings) has an episode that goes along with each day. He was with Wycliffe doing translation work in Indonesia, and reads all the names as they were originally pronounced. I actually love the genealogies now, hearing all those names are so cool!

If you’re reading in a physical Bible, I prefer to follow along using the blog on blogspot . If you use the Bible app, you can also find the plan there.

This plan does a particularly great job of balancing the readings. You have one reading from the Old Testament, one from a book of Poetry, and one from the New Testament. It often breaks up longer chapters, which I haven’t seen in other Bible reading plans.

Happy reading!