Five Types of Electronic Music I Enjoy

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I enjoy a wide range of musical styles. I like opera, hip-hop, country, heavy metal, dubstep, even Bollywood songs.

When I’m coding , I especially enjoy listening to electronic music. Here are five styles that I enjoy. Hopefully, you’ll discover something new :).

These categories have a fair amount of overlap. I’ve selected a song from each type that I think is a good representation of that category, but others may have differing definitions.


Chillstep, also sometimes called liquid dubstep, has many of the attributes of electronic music, but the melody and atmosphere is very relaxed (hence the “chill” in “chillstep”). Many of the songs have lyrics, but when I think of chillstep, it is always purely instrumental.

'Today, The Sky Fell' by Diamond Eyes (Elekid Remix)

Melodic Dubstep

I equate Melodic Dubstep to “pop” dubstep. It is easy to listen to and has a good melody. There is a fair bit of crossover between this category and chillstep, but I when I think of melodic dubstep, I think of a more upbeat song (but not “edgy”)

'Stay' by Teriac

Electro Swing

Electro Swing is one of many electronic crossover genres. It blends traditional swing music with modern dubstep.

'Bounce Me Brother' by Goodluck

Nu Disco

Nu Disco (pronounced New Disco), is another crossover genre. As the name implies, it blends disco and dubstep music.

'Walkin' by Scu

Glitch Hop

Glitch Hop is characterized by “glitches”, like what you hear when an audio file is corrupted. It is almost the digital equivalent of a record skipping. The songs tend to be edgier than the previously mentioned categories. It is one my favorite types of music to listen when I’m low on energy.

'Walk From The Mountain' by Thomas Vent

Let me know if you have any favorite electronic musical styles!