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Lessons Learned from a Failure

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At work, am known as someone who gets things done. Even when problems seem insurmountable, I eagerly tackle them and come up with novel out-of-the-box solutions. However, recently, I was in charge of delivering a portion of the product, and it did not go well. I had to get things done by mid-April. However, it wasn’t until early May that the work was complete. Unfortunately, for a significant portion of this time, I was blocked by an external contractor.

The Dichotomy of my Life

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The other day I was in my truck , driving to the farm store to get supplies for the chicks , listening to some dubstep music . I was suddenly struck by the dichotomy of my life. I currently the technical lead at Oracle, yet I live on a farm where I split my own wood and raise my own chickens. I am a dedicated, soft-spoken Christian , but I think going to MMA class where I come home with bruises and a bloody nose is fun.