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Bad Day for Chickens

2 minute read Published:

The chicks are getting larger, so I’ve been letting them totally free-range (outside of the chicken tractor). It’s been working well and they really enjoy the freedom to go wherever they want. A hawk tried to grab one today, but they all hid and we were able to scare the hawk away. I’m glad the chickens flee from a hawk, but rounding them up is really tough. At first it was a fun challenge, but they are getting so fast it is really frustrating.

Zip-Tie Chicken Tractor

1 minute read Published:

The chicks keep getting bigger and the dog crate they are in is getting a little tight. We eventually need to figure out a new temporary home for them, before they are big enough to live in the chicken coop. However, in the mean time, I built a chicken tractor so that they can have some outside time. It is a much larger area for them to run around in and they are able to free range for part of the day.