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Chicken Coop Windows, Part 2

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I continued replacing the coop windows. I built a wooden frame around each window and then joined the two frames together. Thanks Dad for the table saw, I put it to good use :) Then I installed the windows, framing the space around the windows as these are smaller than the ones they are replacing. At this point, I'm feeling good about the project Things were really starting to come together, but the project started to derail when I installed the plywood.

Chicken Coop Windows, Part 1

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I started working on replacing the coop windows today. The several panes were broken and covered with bits of packing tape. The new windows are a bit smaller (but they didn’t cost of a fortune, either), so it will take a bit of finagling. However, the new windows have tempered glass, so they should be more resistant to breakage. The first step was to rip all the old windows. I was surprised how quickly they came out.

Enabling a Webcam in Virtualbox (Windows Client / Linux Host)

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This is a quick post to document something rather simple, but something that took me a while to figure out. Hopefully it will save someone some time :) Firstly, all of this was gleaned from the VirtualBox documentation, specificailly the chapter on VBoxManage . To list the webcams that are installed on the system and available to VirtualBox, use the command: VBoxManage list webcams. Here is some sample output from my laptop:

Three Tips For Better Bash Scripts

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Bash is everywhere. It is on Linux (obviously), on OSX, and is even on Windows with the new Linux Subsystem. However, writing scripts can be a bit tricky. However, here are three tips that I’ve found useful when writing Bash scripts. Tip 1: Use Flags There are three flags that will make bash scripting easier and save you a lot of frustrations: Abort on Errors (-e) When Bash executes a command that fails, by default, it will simply move onto executing the next command.